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Priority Booking

Expedited - $150/Pet (Non-Refundable once appointment has been scheduled)
For service this month on a scheduled day of service (Not sooner than next 5 days)

Urgent - $250/Pet (Non-Refundable once appointment has been scheduled)
Within 4 days or less of 1st scheduled day of service.

***(Priority Booking is only available for New Clients and Returning Clients 6 months and greater.)

Priority Booking Instructions:

Difficulty Booking?


  1. Can't login using my Gmail or Google account:

    If you have previously created an account using your Gmail account, please use the "Continue With Google" selection. This solves Gmail login issues.
  2. I filled out all information and when I elect "Continue" nothing happens.":

    Make sure both selections at the bottom of the page are checked! One indicates that you agree to our 48 hour cancellation policy while the other is asking to send you notifications and reminders which is highly recommended.
  3. I'm on the "Payment" page and when I select "Pay" nothing happens:

    Please enter credit card information first and then select "Pay".

Multiple Pets?

No problem, use the same account to book a separate appointment but this time, in the the "Comments" on the "Your Information" page, please add the following information for each pet: Pet Name, Weight, Sex, and Age and Breed.

Reschedule Instructions

  1. Locate your confirmation email
  2. Open your confirmation email
  3. Locate these words to right of email Reschedule or Cancel.

    To cancel outside of 48 hours, please call (858) 752-9778 so that we can make sure your deposit is refunded.
  4. Select either Reschedule, then follow prompts. Or you may login into your account manually reschedule.

For questions, email us at