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We have specialized in non-anesthetic teeth cleaning for nearly 15 years and have treated tens of thousands of cats and dogs.

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Pet Dental Facts

In dogs, tooth decay is extremely rare, representing less than 10% of all dental problems. It is unlikely a dog will show any signs of tooth decay.

Is your pet bleeding at the gums during meals? Bad breath, green or yellowish teeth and foul odor may mean that your pet is due for a teeth cleaning.

All our dental scalings are followed up with a machine polish to ensure your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthier longer. If you are using another service and they are not using a machine polisher, you are not receiving a complete service.

According to the ASCPA, Veterinarians estimate that 85% of dogs over five years of age suffer from periodontal disease, which develops when food particles and bacteria collect along the gum line and form soft deposits called plaque.

Brushing your pet's teeth daily is the most effective way to combat plaque buildup.

Adult dogs have 42 teeth, and cats have 30 teeth. Cats are more carnivorous which require less teeth for eating.

Preventative maintenance care, the removal of calculus buildup, is recommended at least twice per year by a professional.

What you can expect when we meet with you and your pet

The Dr. will check you in and collect information on you and your pet. The doctor or technician may have a quick look in your pet’s mouth to assess the build up and then walk your pet back to the work station.
Cleaning Process
The technique will depend on the size of the dog but usually starts out with a quick greeting and warming up to your pet. Next, the technician will choose a technique comfortable for your pet.
Polish & Rinse
Once calculus and plaque are removed from all surfaces of the teeth, your pet is ready for the final stages of the cleaning. Your pet’s teeth are then machine polished with an all organic paste safe for cats and dogs.

Over 14 years of experience and over 26,000 cleanings!

What our customers are saying.

We've recommended SCPD to all our friends and neighbors. Great doctors and caring staff. Dogs and cats have had teeth cleaned there, and they always are gentle and patient.

You guys are great. I really trust you to take care of my Thomas. He is doing so much better since you began taking care of his teeth. Thanks

Aaron is the first pet dental technician our dog Chery felt comfortable with.

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